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Goddard’s Long Term Silver Pad Foam

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Goddards® Long Term Silver Pad 170grm

Clean and easy polishing for intricate silver

Maintain that ‘Just Polished’ look with Goddard’s silver polish

Goddards Long Term Silver Pad (Foaming Silver Polish), Specially formulated for the cleaning and polishing of intricate, heavily embossed and silver plate articles.


The creamy foam is easily sponged into every nook and cranny and gently removes tarnish. As with Silver Polish, when the product is rinsed off, a harmless, invisible chemical barrier remains.

Cleaning tarnished silver can be time consuming and tedious, especially for large, intricate silver pieces.  Easily clean, shine and protect your silver with Goddard’s Silver Foam. 

  • Just Apply, Rinse and Dry.Goddards Silver Foam easily sponges into even the most intricate filigree to instantly dissolve tarnish and bring out the natural beauty of silver.  The foam is easily rinsed away, leaving a tarnish-resistant barrier to protect silver from future tarnishing.  This is especially useful for silver articles that cannot be immersed in water.  Use Goddard’s Silver Foam to give your silver the royal treatment.
  • Quickly Foams Away Tarnish.
  • No Hard Rubbing or Buffing.
  • Includes a Sponge Applicator.


  • Dampen applicator in warm water.
  • Apply Goddard’s Silver Foam, working up a rich, cleansing lather.
  • Rinse article under warm running water.
  • Dry immediately with a soft absorbent cloth.
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    goddards silver polish foam

    Posted by sandylakeview

    I have used this for years, still not disappointed… 🙂 .

  •     5
    Silver polish

    Posted by Ele

    Fantastic product. Works really well!
    Highly recommended

  •     5

    Posted by charo

    es un producto extraordinario, fácil de utilizar, deja la plata perfecta y no esagresivo.

    It is an extraordinary, easy to use product.

  •     4
    A great find!

    Posted by Unknown

    Cleaning silver isn’t the favourite job but goddard’s long term silver product makes it much easier and now I have the most beautiful gleaming silver. The delivery time was wonderful and I can’t recommend this product highly enough. The last time I found this product, in a local hardware shop, I had to pay nearly twice this price!



  •     5

    Posted by Robyn Piddington

    Owning a Guesthouse in the Blue Mountains and having a lot of silver to polish, I have always found the Goddards Silver Pad and Silver Dip to be fantastic polishes. They both bring silver up beautifully and without taking too much time and effort. Nothing beats them. The silver dip is great for polishing cutlery with intricate designs.

    As they are not always easy to fine, Polish Up is the company to order Goddards products – reasonably priced and my last order arrived in 24 hours.

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    great cleaner

    Posted by Unknown

    I was very happy with the cleaner…it needed little effort to clean my silver

  •     5

    Posted by Sharon

    I used this product on a silver piece of jewellery that was so badly tarnished it was black and it came up sparkling like it was brand new!

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    The best silver polish you will find

    Posted by Robyn Williams 

    i have tried a number of silver polishes but none do the job the same as the Goddards silver Pad foam. It cleans better and the shine lasts longer than any other. Leaner. No need to be constantly cleaning the silver. I couldn’t find this in the supermarkets as previous so went online to find it. Would willingly pay more for this far superior product.

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    Easy clean easy use

    Posted by Unknown

    I can display the family silver once again confident that it shines brightly. Could not find it in the shops. No more dull discoloured dishes hidden from view and never used. Now it is just a wet sponge, a gentle rub and rinse and dry to a sparkling shine.
    Present for my friend too!

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